St Mary’s Primary School as part of the goldfields community draws on the Spirit or the past and the gifts of the present as we share our Catholic Faith. The Christian values and trust, respect and love for God and one another are nurtured within the whole person as they grow to their fullest potential. Our school endeavours to create a learning environment that will enable students to meet the challenges of the future.

​Vision Statement

St Mary's Primary School is a double-stream, co-educational Catholic Primary School catering for children from Kindergarten -Year 6, with approximately 460 students. The school is located in the centre of Kalgoorlie, 600 kms from Perth, in the Eastern Goldfields. St Mary's is a dynamic, vibrant and innovative school with an emphasis on developing a strong sense of Christian community. The teaching programs strengthen and enhance learning opportunities across all curriculum areas. Current resources and excellent facilities are a feature of the school environment. The committed teachers and support staff work closely in partnership with parents to provide the best opportunities for the students in their care, and aim to nurture the education of the whole person physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. The school offers a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities and a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy development. The school endeavours to create a learning environment that will enable students to meet the challenges of the future. 

Pupil Free Days 2022

Tuesday 26th April 2022
Wednesday 27th April 2022
Friday 3rd June 2022
Friday 19th August 2022
Monday 22nd August
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12 Dugan St 

Kalgoorlie WA 6430

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