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Old Chapel building

History of the School


1897 Sisters of St John of God arrived in Kalgoorlie at the invitation of Bishop Gibney to take charge of a new hospital and the responsibility for a school which would cater for the needs of the local Catholic students.  The first school was conducted from a vacated doctor’s house.


1899 Sisters of Mercy open school in Coolgardie.  Boarding facilities were also conducted from this facility.


1900 The Foundation Stone laid at St Mary's School on October 28 1900 by Fr Stronge, on a block of land in Dugan Street adjoining the hospital. Primary and secondary students attended St Mary’s.


1903 Old St Mary's Church moved to South Kalgoorlie for use as a Church/School staffed initially by Sisters at St John of God.


1904 Church/School opened in North Kalgoorlie staffed by Sisters of St John of God.


1906 Christian Bros arrived in Kalgoorlie.


1916Sisters of St Joseph staff St Camillus School at South Kalgoorlie.  Sisters of Mercy staff North Kalgoorlie


1928 St Camillus' Primary School destroyed by cyclone.


1936 Sisters of St John of God relinquish teaching at St Mary's.  The Sister’s were relieved of their teaching duties by Archbishop Prendiville to concentrate on the hospital.


1937 Sisters of St Joseph commence teaching at St Mary's and so began a new era for the Josephites.


1954 Three new classrooms built on Dugan Street.

1971 Prendiville College opened.  Staffed jointly by Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of St Joseph.  St Mary’s became solely a Primary School


1973 Staff Room and Library added to St Mary's.


1975 Sisters of Mercy withdrew from the Primary School at Butler Street in North Kalgoorlie. This became the responsibility of the Sister’s of St Joseph.


1976 The two schools amalgamated (St Mary’s and St Michael’s).  Name changed to Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School.  The two schools were initially physically divided.


1980 John of God Hospital closed.  The land and building not involved in the sale of the hospital were generously donated by the Order to the Parish.  This made it ideal for extensions to Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School.

Six new classrooms were provided from the old St John of God Convent.  Plans made for the provision of a Pre Primary School at KCPS.


1981 Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School operational on one campus  (Dugan Street).


1982 Pre Primary firmly established at KCPS.


1983 Moves made to amalgamate Prendiville College and   Christian Brothers College.

1984Last primary intake at John Paul College


1985 New classrooms built at KCPS.  A Blessing and Opening conducted by Bishop Healy


1987 50 years of Josephite involvement.  90 Years of Catholic Education.


1991 Administration extension added to the Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School.


1996 St Mary’s Primary School Capital Development Plan that was undertaken in three stages and completed in 1999.


Stage One involved the construction of a new Kindergarten and Two New Pre-Primary classrooms, the refurbishment of six junior primary classrooms and the establishment of a covered courtyard area.  The junior primary areas have been renewed.


This stage saw the completion of a new Canteen, Covered Assembly Area and three General-Purpose Learning Areas (Classrooms).


Stage Three incorporated the upgrading of the Library-Resource Centre and Administration Area suitable for a double stream school. A New Staff Room and Staff Work Room was constructed.


1999 The School Board was granted permission to change the name of Kalgoorlie Catholic Primary School back to St Mary’s Primary Kalgoorlie.


1999 School Blessing and Official Opening by Most Reverend Bishop Healy


2000 The old staffroom converted into a modern Information Technology Centre. The Building Programme was a big undertaking by the school and the community. The School today looks totally different to what it did when the project was first initiated. Much time and effort was given by all sectors of the St Mary’s Community.


2000 School Centenary Celebrations – October


2002 Nursing home (ex St John of God hospital).  Site adjoining the school, purchased by Archdiocese.  Work commences to demolish run-down buildings. Plans for an oval, Kindergarten, Pre-Primary grassed area, basketball courts and car parking put in place.


2005 Official opening of new outdoor facilities including naming of Oval, Trish Dawson Oval – Friday April 29.  Presided over by Bishop Donald Sproxton, Auxiliary Bishop of Perth.


2010 New school hall and Early Childhood Centre.


2012 Last year for Year 7 students at St Mary’s Primary


2015 Administration area refurbished and extended into Room 11 to incorporate new meeting room, sick bay and storage.

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